A land of mysteries and legends. From the time of the Pharaohs to today, its history will take your breath away.
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A country that invites you to discover its glorious ancient past and the beauty of its surroundings. You'll be charmed by the exhilarating atmosphere of this Mediterranean country, its gentle way of life, colors and unparalleled luminosity!
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In the heart of the Middle East, a welcoming land with a history that goes back thousands of years!
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Beautiful country with Berber, Arab and European influences, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
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A small paradise on earth located in North Africa, bordered by both the Mediterranean coast and the Sahara Desert.
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A cosmopolitan country which makes you dream and whose rich history is intimately linked to the Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires.
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What Miaterra offers travelers ?

Miaterra offers a unique experience for its travelers at very competitive prices. Traveling with us means getting closer to the culture of the countries we visit, while being accompanied by other travel enthusiasts and enjoying peace of mind from departure to arrival. The groups are made up of a minimum of 10 travelers and a maximum of 25, which gives rise to great exchanges.

The concept is unique and perfect for travelers who wish to open up to other cultures and live a new group travel experience. The Great Explorers, a renowned organization that has been placing the human experience at the heart of travel for 50 years, is now a business partner of Miaterra.

Before departure, Miaterra organizes virtual and/or face-to-face presentations and meetings to enable the traveler to

· Become familiar with the culture and some communication codes of the country to be visited
· Learn about the attractions of the tour and the different stages of the trip
· Meet the other members of the group

Traveling with Miaterra is in itself an opportunity to

· Visit must-see sites and places off the beaten path
· Experience memorable moments of immersion
· Share discoveries and build relationships with other group members

Returning from a trip with Miaterra also means

· to be sure to meet up with our travel companions after our return, during meetings organized by Miaterra, and to share our most memorable anecdotes.

Traveling with Miaterra means enjoying a warm and personalized service before, during and after the trip!

Our services

Choose Miaterra to travel affordably with peace of mind. Miaterra will take care of everything and help you plan your dream trip. Contact us for more information!

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Reservation of packages and tours
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